Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why Write? Pass the Coin

Since December 17, 2007, I have felt very strongly that God was encouraging me to write and learn all I could about writing. Often I question myself on whether or not I actually have anything to say worth hearing. Although I've not literally searched for the statistic, there are no doubt millions of blogs -- everyone has something to say about something. Who am I to add to the pile?

I have noted inside the cover of my journal the following quote in answer to these doubts of mine: "So whenever you hear a good thing just put it down, because if it's good for you it will be good for somebody else; and we should pass the coin of heaven 'round just as we do other current coin." - D. L. Moody in the introduction to the Bible Readers Guide by F. S. Schenk

Rainbows and mustard seeds........Rainbows - promise..........Mustard Seeds - faith. God gives His promises and asks only for the tiniest speck of faith to open the windows of heaven and secure our salvation.

Heavenly Father, sometimes I make things too complicated. Let me realize the foundation of my faith rests on simple trust in You. Lead me one step at a time. Amen

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Diane said...

I think you have a lot to say and I love your new blog site!! Your dreams are your oyster and your writings will become your pearls!! Can't wait to click each day to see what you have added........I am so proud of you.......Love you