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Craft ... at some point and time a craftsman must put his or her work out for others to see. It's scary stuff, but it schools the maker if she is a willing student. Whether writing, journal-making, quilting, sculpting, woodworking or any art or skill, it is through repetition and the influence of others more experienced that the artist grows.  In Exodus 31, God called the artisans to build the Tabernacle. God had breathed into them all they needed to answer the call, however, many years of prior work and learning followed to prepare them for the task. We, too, are prepared with a foundation of gifts and must steward them, learning all we can to grow and develop so our offerings may best reflect His work in us and through us. #hopewriterlife#journalsofgrace#junkjournal#junkjournals#paperart#devotional

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