Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How Big is Your Battle?

Read 2 Chronicles 12:1-7

How big is your battle today? Let me put that another way, how vast does the army seem that threatens against you? Huge? Consider the battle facing King Rehoboam in 2 Chronicles 12:3. 1,200 chariots, 60,000 horsemen, and people without number loomed because Jerusalem had transgressed against the Lord. Can you imagine peering around the wall of the City and finding such a mass waiting to overcome you? It was bigger than the Verizon crew that follows their cell phone customers on the commercials! Don’t we all experience trials that seem comparable?

The good news is that deliverance IS possible! Although we usually desire a complete deliverance, it is the partial deliverance that allows us to grow and learn from our trials without being consumed by them. In verse 6, the leaders of Israel and the king humbled themselves and the Lord responded by granting them “some deliverance.” The Lord required they endure the trial to teach them the difference in serving Him as opposed to serving the kingdoms of the nations.

We have a similar choice: we can choose to serve our sins or we can serve our Lord. Making the wrong choices will result in trials and struggles that may be avoided if we properly prepare our hearts to seek the Lord. (2 Chron 12:14 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2%20Chron%2012:14;&version=50;) No battle is bigger than our God.

NOTE: Post inspired by Bible Study The Way of Cain at Absolute Truth John 17:17 (See Link at Left)


Carmen said...

Love your site, Tina...and all the thought you put behind it!

I love your description on the side with the story of your artistically-inclined Aunt...lovely.

love your thoughts here as well...
Indeed...ADONAI is infinitely bigger than the battles we face..

Baruch atta ADONAI!

gerrie said...

Hi Tina! I've been out of pocket for a while and not reading my emails I'm afraid. I just found your Aug. 5th devotional and wanted you to know how much I appreciat it.

Your words are an affirmation of something my neighbor and I just talked about on the porch a couple of hours ago. God does not take our obsticles away when we have yet to learn a lesson. He may give us "partial" deliverence, but there may also be just enough left to help us grow through the difficulties rather than go around them.

This is a relief to one like me who grew up thinking that surely there was something terrible wrong with me that God would not take away all the pain in my life. Oh how we see through the glass darkly, but one day we will see all oh so clearly!

You are a blessing! Thanks and may you continue to bless us all with your keen spiritual insights.

Peace, love, and joy,