Tuesday, September 30, 2008

God of the Wind

I sat one September morning, window raised, with the wind blowing strongly in the early morning darkness, the remnants of a front caused by Hurricane Frances. Immediately I began to reflect on how God moves through my life like the wind. At times His movement is like a gentle breeze, refreshing and relaxing, a reminder that He is always at work in my life, though recognizing it often requires me to be still, watch, and wait for His presence. At other times, He seems more visible and His presence is felt strongly, as if He is trying to get my attention.

Like the wind, I cannot literally see His face, but I can often see the effects of His moving or see where He has been as I look back on my life. Hurricane wind, though the hurricane has passed, leaves its handprint in the destruction it has wrought. I love and respect my God and know that He will bring the hard winds necessary to strengthen my faith and draw me to Him, and I fear His winds of judgment. I am thankful for the death of Jesus and for the Holy Spirit sent to dwell in us allowing me to hear God in my heart and see Him in the winds.

Thank you, Lord, for gentle breezes and for winds of change.

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