The Whirlwind of His Storm

From today’s reading (March 11th, 2009) in My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers writes:

Watch for the storms of God. The only way God plants His saints is through the whirlwind of His storm. …. Let God send you out through the whirlwind of His storm and don’t go until He does.

What a picture this paints! “The whirlwind of His storm……” – I think of the tornado and how it displaces everything in its path, apparently without any sense of order or purpose but pure, deadly destruction, yet the whirlwind of God’s storms is such the opposite.

God’s storms prepare us and then direct us onto the paths He has planned for us; the places He has gone ahead of us and made clear. His storms do not mangle us or break us down as we may perceive with our earthly vision; they build us up and shape us with His heavenly vision for His heavenly purposes.

Isn’t life all about perspective? Doesn’t our vision get clouded and distorted by the things of this world? Oh that we may obtain the vision to find the beauty in the storm!

Heavenly Father, thank you for the whirlwind of Your storm. Send me out through the storm, Lord, and keep me planted until you do. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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Vicki said…
Hi Tina! Thank you for this lovely post. Your words cause me to ponder so many things, but especially how - when we're deeply rooted in Him - life's storms reveal what an Anchor we really have in Him. ♥
gerrie said…
Tina, this is lovely! Thank you so much for such an uplifting meditaiton.

I was reminded of a time I went walking on a path in a heavily wooded area at a friends cabin. There had been a huge storm the week before and at certain points we had to remove debris before we could continue on our way. At one point it was so bad that we had to turn back because she and I were simply to weak to remove some of the large branches.

I especially loved the image of Jesus not only bringing the storm for "our" benefit to make us stronger, but that He also goes on ahead of us and clears the way in order for us to be able to continue on in our journey as well.

What an amazing God! He knows our weaknesses so well, and He takes care of our every need even before we realize that we have that need. Amazing!

Thanks my friend. I needed to remember this.
Vicki said…
Just stopping by with a hug & hello ♥
Anonymous said…
Hi. I was reciting the Lords Prayer over and over and I had a Vision.It was a whirlwind of seeds and it was so clear, clearer than my thoughts or dreams.Just a whirlwind of seeds going by my sight..That is why I typed whirlwind and seeds into google and found this.

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