Friday, October 11, 2013

5 Minute Friday - Ordinary

Taking the 5 Minute Friday writing challenge to ease myself back into (hopefully) blogging.

Today's prompt:  Ordinary

 ordinary, plain, nondescript, dull, lacking - the opposite of extraordinary
Life is usually lived out in between the two, tides of ordinary punctuated with extraordinary.  Ordinary brings thoughts of smallness, of little merit or contribution, but because we live the majority of our life in it, it is vital.  It is fabric, right?  We have threads of extraordinary but there'd be nothing to weave them through without the ordinary.  You can't even say extraordinary without ordinary.  Connected.  There.

Jesus came in the form of the ordinary, the daily, the human.  That's us.  Ordinary encapsulated in Extraordinary, that's Jesus.

Put us together when we accept our inheritance and you have the beauty of our salvation.  Christ in us moves us into the realm of the extraordinary and gives us new eyes to see, at times, where the two intersect.

Oh, sweet ordinary.  You are not dull, indeed.


Alyssa Santos said...

Where the two intersect... That is the place of catalyst, isn't it? Because nothing really is ordinary - it all comes down to perspective.

1chron291113 said...

We are Ordinary. He is Extraordinary.

Hmm. You have me pondering now. :)