Sunday, October 30, 2016

Road Conditions

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“Notwithstanding the great hardships imposed by the sorry condition of the road, the troops are in high spirits and full of eagerness to meet the enemy.”

 – from Shelbyville Times Gazette, December 28, 2008, Old Newspaper Brings Civil War Battle to Life by Brian Mosely (full story here)  

It was a quote that gripped me and has been forever stored in my spiritual treasure chest--a bold battle cry that rings out in various seasons of my life.

Believers, we are the troops.  The enemy is the enemy of our souls, the ruler of this world and darkness, Satan.  The road, our current declining morality, broken government, and overall direction of our country

The good news is The Good News is our foundation, The Word. Despite what we see with our natural eyes, we are poised for victory if we pause, study our battle plan, and then march forward without fear to meet the enemy.

Dr. Charles Stanley’s message this morning was an encouraging call to battle. (click here for message)  His sermon called to remembrance the soundness of our foundation, our need to be first cleansed of our sin, and our call to prayer for true revival—a revival of God’s people stirred to prayer for our nation.

In 2008, we were faced with the challenge of change in our country’s leader.  We were uncertain of our future and concerned for the direction a new leader might take us.  Our mistake then is the same as now:  to focus on the people and the processes.  The enemy would have us blind to the true place of battle.

With renewed hearts, we can lift up our hearts in praise and prayer and forever impact the direction of our nation.  Our praise will be our battle cry, sung on the front line like Jehoshaphat’s troops (2 Chron 20) and will scramble and confuse the signal of the enemy.  We can be strong and of good courage, knowing God will strengthen our hearts.

Holy Heavenly Father, You alone are God.  May your people turn from their wicked ways, humble themselves, pray and seek Your face, and may You hear us in heaven, forgive our sins, and restore our land.  In Jesus' name.  Amen

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