A Little Light, Please

Brown, not black. I couldn’t tell the difference as I fumbled in my sock drawer, in a hurry for work. Low light in the bedroom coupled with a vision problem made it impossible to know the difference without assistance.

My cell phone’s flashlight provided the exact tool to solve the problem. The answer was right at my fingertips.

In a world of a billion choices – tweets & texts; posts & pins – I am quickly overwhelmed and easily distracted. Daily devotion time is crucial and life-giving; without it, I starve and strive.

Technology has placed the Word in our hands and at our fingertips on our phones, tablets, and computers. We are blessed to possess the Word in print without fear of persecution … yet. It's the Light on our devices and nightstands.

I can’t promise I’ll post on a schedule, but I’d love to have you journey with me on a path where our steps are illuminated and the big picture is growing clearer. Our sustenance is the Word; it is the one thing needful – Jesus.
Will you join me? Let’s travel!


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