Who am I?

Draping his shoulders, anticipating the honor and respect that always saturated the air, I am shocked, realizing something is terribly wrong as they place the crown on his head. Thorns! "Hail, King of the Jews!" The words were right but they were jeering, mocking and spitting. His blood mingled with my rich dyes as they crushed the brambled ring into his scalp and brows. I inhaled deeply the sweat and earth as all of life stopped, and I was sucked into a vacuum of darkness.

Transported, I watched with wilted heart from wisteria as they left the garden, but hope resurrected as I was called into service in the tabernacle and the courts of the children of Israel. I heard he was coming. They heard he was coming. What now?

And in a flash I sparkled amethyst bright and bold, joined by my fellow precious gems, our lights dimmed by His presence enthroned. New heaven, new earth -- everything new -- everything here, everyone here, reflecting His glory.

I fall at his feet as they lead him away. You can't strip him of his royalty and his honor. Oh horror, you cannot crucify hope! Gloat today, ignorant of your role in the very deliverance for which all of creation groans.

I am purple, but He is Lord!


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